Thursday, 31 March 2011


Today ,1-4-2011, April fool's day. so i decided to do something special today.
Hehe, this is my first blog, i want to tell a story about my "Oreo".
My puppy ,i just bought him few days ago (27-3-2011). I call him "Oreo" because his eyes black and round like the Oreo cookies. Oreo is a male toy poodle. His birthday is on 24-1-2011(January boy).
Oreo is an active and naughty puppy,he like to bark and run around my house when he feels excited...His hobby is to bite anything that he is able to reach, include newspaper, boxes, plastic bags, mop, his toys, my toe, foot, finger, slippers and more...because his teethes are very sharp^^
Oreo dont like to stay inside his cage, every time i put him inside, he will bark and make some sad sad sound unstoppable...Especially during my nap time, he will surely bark at me and force me to wake up and play with him...
Oreo is a fussy puppy, he dont likes the dog food- fish and potato flavor i bought for him...because the owner says he prefers chicken flavor so i need to buy extra canned dog food and mix some in the dog food...Every time i take out the canned dog food (chicken flavor) to prepare lunch and dinner for him, he will jump up and bark when he get to smell the food...hehe
Oreo like to run away from me when he is taking bath because he looks skinny and ugly when he bath...but after he finish bathing, he looks more cutey^^
Although Oreo is naughty but he cheers up my life, i love him so much and hope he will grow stronger and healthier in the future...i promise i will take good care of him like a baby in my u my Oreo baby^^  muaxxxx.....hehe

The only pic i take with Oreo^^ 
so difficult to take pic with him cause he always move, hehe

Oreo sleeping with smiling face ^0^


  1. makes me think of a movie
    'Marley and me' it is a nice movie. :)

    by berry, CHEERS!

  2. really is second Marley in my house...haha...come here n see him when u free then u will know...haha